Audio Guestbook Phone Kiosk Hire -Make Magic Memories

Add Sentimental Touch and capture your Guest personal Voice messages

Audio Guestbook Phone Kiosk Hire , be one of the first in the UK to have this at your wedding. Hiring an Audio Guestbook will create lifelong memories you can look back on over the years. A great Sentimental Touch.

Audio Guestbook Phone Kiosk Hire – HOW IT WORKS

1. Your guests pick up the receiver and listen a host message

2. After the BEEP they can start recording their message… song or rap.

3. After they have finished they simply return the receiver back on its cradle. The recording is then safely stored.

4. After the event we will retrieve all of the recording from the night, for you to cherish forever!

Not only have can we hire the Audio guestbook, we’ve gone that one step further……

Introducing you to our 8ft Replica telephone Kiosk…. Fitted with an internal light , and an optional rear foliage wall ( why not take a selfie whilst your there) , it’s the perfect addition to wow your guests .

Guests step inside the Phone kiosk, pick up the phone and leave their message .

Maybe it will be a heartfelt message from the parents, or the drunk best friend reminiscing about stories of the past , one thing is for sure… the voicemails will last a lifetime.

We supply the Telephone Kiosks hires to wedding, and events across the North East and Yorshire.

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